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 The machine is used blow room. With the aid of the suction of a fan,the cotton is conveyed and condensed. After removing part of impurities and short fibre by the dust cage,the material is stripped off by a stripping roller to supply the next machine


Main Feature:

  • There are many sorts of condenser for selecting.
  • According to the position in Blow room line ,condensers with different power and type couler be selected.

Main Specifications And Technical Characteristics
Model A405B A045C
Machine width (mm) 1060
production(kg/h) 800
Diameter of beater(mm) 500
Type of beater Six-row leather wing
Diameter of fan (mm) 500 550
Fan exhaust volume (m³/h) 4500 6000
Power installed (KW) 4 5.5
Overall dimension (L*W*H) 1721*800*1000 1721*800*1122
Net weigth (kg) About 600



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