Carding machine FA186G- suitable for wool,cotton and other material!

Carding Machine – FA186G

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1.Patent three stripper rollers device;

2.Additive licker-in carding segment;

3.Attached three front stationary flats and two rear ones;

4.Doffer braked in short time;

5.A new mode of the monolithic electromagnetic clutch;

6.Latest model coiler;

7.Enclosed cover at right and left sides;

8.High quality card metallic wire.


Carding machine 186G is applicable to process 100% cotton, man-made fibers, and blended fiber, to open, card, clean, and mix cotton or man-made fiber laps of certain evenness from the opening and scorching line, or cotton layers fed by chute feeder; Meanwhile, short fibers and impurities are removed. Then they can be condensed into slivers of the certain specification and coiled regularly in sliver can for the next process.

Carding machine 186g has a Long-term, short-term auto leveler system

Through the system to test the output slivers and the thickness of fed layers to control the speed of the feed roller, form a closed loop front-rear control system to realize the long, short-term auto-leveling and stabilize and improve the evenness of slivers.

Electrical control

Adopt combined control systems such as man-machine interface, the PLC and the auto leveler for the electrical control system; By adjusting the speed of the Doffer and the feed roller, to make them run PRO rata. The touchscreen on the left cover is easy to operate in front of the machine; It also can display all functions and faults and can be used to set the relevant technology parameters.

Main Specific And Technical Characteristics
Application Used for processing cotton and man-made fibers or blends, fed with a lap
Output Up to 35kg/h
Working width 1000mm
Sliver count(g/m) 3.5-6.5
Attached carding segment A group of licker-in carding segment, Two rear stationary flats, Three front stationary flats
Total draft 67-120
Licker-in diameter.(mm) Ø250
Licker-in speed.(rpm) Cotton: 1070. Man-made fiber: 980
Doffer dia(mm) Ø706
Doffer speed.(rpm) 23.3-38.2
Cylinder Dia.(mm) Ø1289
Cylinder speed.(rpm) Cotton: 360. Man-made fiber: 330
Number of revolving flat(working/total) 40/106
Flats speed(mm.min) Cotton: 177 214 266   Man-made fibre: 81 98 122
Can size (dia.*Height) Ø600*900mm .Ø600*1100mm
Air cleaning points Triangular space between doffer and cylinder, licker-in cover and undercard lattice
Air volume(continuously) 1300m³/h
Air pressure -500 ~ -600 pa
Main motor 3.3kw
Doffer-driving motor 1.1kw(Optional)
Blower motor 0.06kw
Floor area (L*W)(mm) 3809*2092
Machine weight approx.4500kg


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  1. 186G is the most cost-effective, which is what I want. Especially in the production of absorbent cotton, it is the best

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