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Chute Feed

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1.The machine is equipped with a vibration hopper for feeding Coton lumps fall from the vibrating hopper in free form,thus 2making the transverse density of the cotton layer even and identical.
3.Adopt photocell control ensures theh relibsaility and continuance of the machie work.4.Frequency and vibrartion amptitude of the vibrating plate can be adjusted for transverse cotton dropping.
5.The output can be adiusted by changing the pulley and regulating plate of delivery cotton.
6.The machine may adopt the method of either the electuic distributing or the air distributing.

Main Specification And Technical Characteristics
type Chute Feed
Application material   The machine is used for further opening and mixing the fibre from distributor,then processes into even cotton layer,which is fed into a scutcher to form lap.
Output(kg/h) 150~300
Working width(mm) 1060
Area of filter net(s) 2-5
Spiked Iattice (m/min) 58.1/75.6/84/93
Hotocell delay acting time ((second/adjustable)) 154.205.257
Installed power 1.85kw,3.34kw
Space occupation (L*W)(mm) 2720×1472×2250
Machine weight approx1500kg



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