Cotton carding machine FA206C - High yield and high efficiency

Cotton carding machine – FA206C

FA206C is suitable for sheep wool, cotton, and other material.


Cotton carding machine – FA206C

Cotton carding machine FA206C  is suitable for sheep wool, cotton, and other material.

FA206C has an Advanced monitor control system.
The working status and running efficiency.
Safety protection and self-diagnosis system.
The sophisticated suction system provides better Opening and cleaner.
Independent transmission motors adjusted by inverters for high efficiency
Inverters for high efficiency
The user-friendly graphical interface is easy to access control parameters.
The smart mechanical design makes maintenance an easy task.
Main Specification And Technical Characteristics
Application This machine is used for procession cotton and man-made fiber or blends in length 22-76mm
Production up to 80kg/h
Delivery speed 280m/min
Lap size(mm) Max. diameter:Ø550 Width: 980
Feed weight(mm) 300-1000
Sliver count(g/m) 3.5-7
Total draft 60-300
Working width
Licker-in diameter. (mm) Ø250
Licker-in speed. (r/min) 833.942.1025
Doffer dia(mm) Ø706
Doffer speed. (rpm) 8-60
Cylinder Dia. (mm) Ø1288
Cylinder speed. (rpm) 340-467
Number of revolving flat(working/total) 32/86
Flats speed(mm.min) 81-334
Auxiliary carding segment Carding segment underliner-in:2 pieces
Rear stationary flat:4(cotton) 4-6(chemical fiber)
Front stationary flat:4(cotton) 4-6(chemical fiber)
Can size(mm) diameter600,1000,heigh 1100, 1200
Continuous suction(m³/h) Air volume 3500
Air pressure(pa) -850 ~ -920
Web cleaner Rear web cleaner(1), Front web cleaner(1) No web cleaners in chemical fiber process
Compressed air requirement (kg/cm²) Pressure 5~7
Air consumption(m³/h) 0.02
Total installed power 9.07kw(total 7 dynamos)
Feeding method Chute feeder or single lap
Feeding method Chute feeder or single lap
Safety cover form totally-enclosed structure
Floor area (L*W)(mm) 3807*1980(Coiler no included)
Net weight 7500kg


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