Cross Lapper machine -Larger laying widths, Faster material throughput

Cross Lapper machine

Larger laying widths, faster material throughput and precise nonwoven laydown are the most important requirements for the automation of your cross lapper.


Cross Lapper machine

Cross lapper machine is to produce a heavier web by laying the lightweight web in layers.

1.They fold the fiber web evenly and lays it in a certain width and thickness. And then transfer them to next process after 2.pressurization.
3.In the process of production, the direction of the material flow is altered 90 degrees. In other words, the fabric turns a corner.
4.They are suitable for needle punching, spun lacing,thermal-bonding production.
5.Each paving apron uses a separate drive, which is easy to adjust.

Main Specifications And Technical Characteristics
Mesh—paving width 1700—2700mm
Mesh forming width 2200—8800mm
Mesh paving speed curtain:65m/min
Machine weight 6500—8500kg
Power installed (KW) 8.2-15.2kw


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