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FA178-Chute Feed system

FA178 automatic Chute Feed is a connecting unit between cards and Blow room unit. It can use for single unit reformation or apply to the new process of Blowing-Carding unit. It has the advantages of reasonable price, complete function, easy maintenance, and operation etc..


FA178-Chute Feed system

A chute feed system is a connecting unit between the carding machine and blowing processes. It opens and mixes the material into uniform layers of cotton for feeding into the carding machine. It realizes the continuous running of the whole blowing-carding line by supplying material evenly and continuously.

Main Specification And Technical Characteristics
Application All synthetic and mixed fibers whose length are less than 76mm
Output 100(kg/h)
Working width(mm) 950
Feed width(g/m) 300~1000
The diameter of the feed roller(mm) Ø120
The diameter of the Opening roller(mm) Ø266
Blower speed(rpm) 2840
Cotton layer control form Air pressure & Vibration
Air displacement pa 500m³/h, 50pa
Total installed power 2.85kw
Overall dimension (L*W*H)(mm) 1614*600*2800
Machine weight 1400kg


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