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FB1107-Single Roller Cleaner

FB1107 Single Roller Cleaner is an efficient pre-process cleaner,suitable for every kind of raw cotton is separated from dust. Material opened and purified is transported to mext process.

When coarse contaminants need to be removed from raw material, FB1107 Single Roller ensures that the cotton remains for a longer time in the cleaning roll area and is therefore cleaned intensively, but gently.



Main Feature:

  • Material is opened without being gripped, which greatly decrease fibre damages
  • V type beater,flexible and high efficient.
  • Intermittent or Continuous exhaust device.
  • Special construction,Increase removing of dust and short fibre.
  • Beater can be driven by pulley or inverter motor.
  • Grids distance can be adjusted manually, meet the variety processing demand.
  • Special construction, Increase removing of dust and short fibre.

Main Specification And Technical Characteristics
Production 1200(kg/h)
Working width(mm) 1600
Pinned beater diameter Ø750
Pinned beater Control by pulley or inverter
Power installed 8.05kw
Overall dimension (L*W*H)(mm) 2140*1155*1957
added tuft: overall height 2057
Machine weight 1500kg