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FB1209-Series Multi -Mixer


Multi -Mixer
  • 1.Feeding tube
  • 2.Vertical storing trunks
  • 3.Conveyer lattice
  • 4.Carding roller
  • 5.Incliner Lattice
  • 6.Mixing chamber
  • 7.Evener roller
  • 8.Stripping roller
  • 9.Reserving box
  • 10.Waste cotton chamber
  • 11.Cotton outlet
  • 12.Air exhaust exit

Main Specification And Technical Characteristics

Application All synthetic and mixed fibres which length are less than 65mm
Output(kg/h) 650,900
Working width(mm) 1200,1600
A(mm) 1618.2018
Feeding lattice speed(m/min) 0.06~0.81
Total installed power 11.5kw,14.55kw
Overall dimension (L*W*H)(mm) 6787*A*4122
Machine weight 5800kg



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