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FB156-Dedusting Machine

 FB156 is suitable for processing cotton of various grades,and is usually used as the dedusting point in cleaning line. Micro dust can be removed efficiently only if the fibre has sufficiently opened. Application of this machine in the cleaning line is of special importance in the mills having rotor spinning and air-jet loom,since the end breakage in spinning due to dust-laden fibre can be greatly reduced.


Main Feature:

  • The way to remove dust is special. Fibre tufts collide with perforated plate,and with the help of air current to remove the dust. This machine has advantages as do little harm to fibre,high efficiency and flexible process.
  • A frequency-inverted stepless variable motor is used for the delivery fan,the speed of which can be set according to the air pressure requirement of the system.

Main Specifications And Technical Characteristics
Working width (mm) 1600
Output (kg/h) 600
Aera of filter net (m²) 2.6
Swing times of paddle (time/min) 63
Air volume of fan inside the machine (m³/s) 0.55~1.11
Diameter of pipe Ø300
Power installed (KW) 7.5
Net weigth (kg) About 1700
Overall dimension (L*W*H) 2150*1860*2650



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