Fine Opener - good opening and clearing effect on fibers

Fine Opener


Fine Opener

Fine Opener further open raw cotton and remove impurities from the process of mixing.It can clean stiff cotton and fine dust.
Not only are the machines running independently, but two more machines are running in tandem.

1.The machine uses a photoelectric control to make the feed evenly so that the opening and cleaning effect is best.
2.We use three different cotton beater to meet different needs of raw cotton in opening and cleaning.
3.We improved the gauge of the dust remover and improved the cleaning effect.
4.The utility model has the advantages of small footprint, good sealing performance, low power consumption and low noise.

Main Specifications And Technical Characteristics
Application This machine is one of scutching and blow machinery whose function is for further opening and cleaning to cotton or chemical fiber being primary opened.
Suitable material procession cotton and man-made fiber or blends in length 22-76mm
Working width (mm) 1060,1600
Out put (kg/h) 800-1000
Feed roller speed(r/min) 18-85,step-less speed adjusting according to output
Gill beater (r/min) 516.582.647, pulley diameter changeable according to output (Option: Inverter)
Power installed (KW) 3.55 , 5.1
Overall dimension (L*W*H) 1810*1650*2875, 2100*1520*2870



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