Mixing opener is convenient, accurate, intuitive and effective.

Mixing opener

Mixing opener not only has the function of mixing cotton but also has the functions of efficient opening and removing impurities.


Mixing opener is designed for processing various grades of cotton or man-made fibers. By the suction of a condenser, the raw material processed by the prior machine is fed to the machine for mixing, opening, removing impurities. It is a mixing opener of high efficiency.


Main Specifications And Technical Characteristics
Model A035B A035C
Machine width (mm) 1060
production(kg/h) 800
Diameter of beater(mm) 400
Type of beater U-type, Porcupine , Nose, Spiked, Gill Pin
Number of beaters 4 3
Gauge between grid bars (mm) 5~11(Adjustable)
Power installed (KW) 5.3
Overall dimension (L*W*H) 5447*1576*2746 5066*1576*2746
Net weigth (kg) About 3000



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