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Multi-Drum Dust-Filtering Unit

This machine is mainly applicable to the air-conditioning dust extraction system for the industries of cotton spinning, hemp spinning, wool spinning, paper making, tobacco and bat wool, etc.. It can filter and purify the air full of dry fibrous dusts during the production, so as to improve the grade of product quality and protect the environment and the physical fitness of workers


Main Feature:

  • It has features of simple structure,less floor space,low resistance,high efficient and easy operation & maintainance etc. Which has completely realized mech-electrical for textile dust-filtering facility.
  • It can be widely applied to the air-conditioning &dust-filtering system in such aspects as cotton textile,wool spinning,chemical fibre and so on to filter dust laden air in the processes of production ,reach the purpose for purifying air.

Main Specification And Technical Characteristics
Type and Specifictations SFU017-3S-Z SFU017-4S-Z SFU017-5S-Z


Disc Disc Diameter 2000(mm) 2300(mm) 2600(mm)
Filter area(m²) 2.94 3.77 4.67
Media(mesh/inch) 60-80-120(stainless steel net)
Size Length L1(mm) 1010
Width W(mm) 2120 2520 2920
Hight H(mm) 2183 2580 2980
Installed power (kw) 3.3 3.3 5.1




Max Diameter 1906(mm) 2306(mm) 2706(mm)
Filter area(m²) 22.4 34.2 48.0
Filter Media JM2 &JM5(Fire-proof plush material)
Size Length L2(mm) 1799
Width W(mm) 2120 2520 2920
Hight H(mm) 2183 2583 2983
Installed power (kw) 5.12


Max.Size Length L(mm) 3409 594(auxiliary)
Width W(mm) 2120 500(auxiliary) 2520 500(auxiliary) 2520 500(auxiliary)
Hight H(mm) 2183 562(fan) 2183 562(fan) 2183 562(fan)
Total power (kw) 8.42 8.42 10.22