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Non-woven carding machine

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non-woven carding machine is used to open and mixe fibers,including polyester, viscose, polypropylene, nylon and other fibers. Then carding them into a uniform cotton web for the next process to produce non-woven products.

Main Feature:

  • Institutional features:
  • The two side frames are welded by high-quality steel plates, and the middle is supported by steel profiles, and the structure is stable.
  • Feeding the tight wooden curtain, feeding the roller with metal-proof power-off protection, sound, and light alarm (for the whole machine work alarm), and stopping the reverse device to ensure the safe operation of the carding machine.
  • The working platform is provided on both sides of the carding machine, which is more convenient to use and maintain.
  • The main bearings adopt brand-name brands.
  • ✤Security protection:
  • All transmission parts are protected by a protective cover.
  • The electrical part is provided with overload protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, and an emergency stop button.
  • Feeding roller with anti-metal power protection.
  • Warning signs are required for necessary parts.
Main Specific And Technical Characteristics
Application Used for processing cotton and man-made fibers or blends, fed with web
Output ≤500kg/h
Working width(mm) 1550,1850,2000,2300,2500
Speed. (m/min) 30-40
Doffer dia(mm) Φ492mm
Cylinder Dia. (mm) Φ1230;Φ850
Licker-in Dia. (mm) 295
Number of revolving flat(working/total) 40/106
Feeder motor 1.5kw
Doffer-driving motor 2.2kw
Cylinder motor(kW) 11, 18.5, 37


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