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Water Jet Loom 851

851 water jet loom, can be with the single nozzle plain shedding water jet loom, has been overall improved and strengthened from let-off, shedding, take-up, transmission system and the stability, therefore it has the operational capacity of high speed and continuous stability and the advantage of wide applicable sphere

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 water jet loom 851

1.The 851 series water jet looms are made by the classic 880 * 880mm frame, which is made on the basis of the 305 type machine.
2.We improve and strengthen the pass off, shedding, take-up, transmission systems and their stability. Therefore, it has the advantages of high speed, continuous and stable working ability and wide application range
3.Optional devices are as follows: electronic extraction (ELO), electronic extraction (ETU), slow motion, slow detection, weft conversion and transmission.
4.High accuracy parts cooperate with each other, so that the machine running speed, stability, continuity, long service life.
5.In particular, it has excellent properties for high density and small denier fabrics.
6.In order to improve the production efficiency of the machine, the model improves the robustness of warp, discharge, winding, transmission system and structure.

Main Specifications And Technical Characteristics
Application denier water resistant chemical fabric
General Reed width(cm) 0-50
Reed width(cm) nominal reed width150-360
Weft range(D) 50-420
Weft density(piece/10cm) 50-600
Loom beam disc diameter(mm) 800
Max.Roll Diameter(mm) 420,450
Shedding Shafts shedding, Cam shedding, Dobby shedding
Beating up 4 shafts linkage at both sides for beat-up
Selvage raw edge
Weft Picking Hi-pressure water jet
Feeler optical feeler
Binder Leno yarn by planetary gear
Weft cut mechanical cutter
Waste filling removal twisting, catching and drawing by gear
Let-off device mechanical continuous
Dehydration negative pressure dehydrate, stand extracting
The number of heddle frame(page) 16
Lubricant system oil lake, Thicker oil
Water pressure(Mpa) from the tap water
Operation device electromagenetic brake
Floor area (L*W*H)(mm) 3400*1400*1200
Machine weight 1.3-1.8T